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New Bags for Women 2014

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Very beautiful handbags 2014

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 New Bags for Women
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New Bags 2014, New Bags for Women
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Get the legs of the brilliant five steps away

 Get the legs of the brilliant five steps away

 Unfortunately, not all women are lucky to possess beautiful legs shape, but this does not mean that getting a brilliant and legs Jmaptin is difficult , he needs to apply five simple steps we offer you the following:- Marcy exercise your legs muscles in moderation, such as jogging and walking, but you must be careful not to build a lot of muscle because prominent Mzaraladilat make your legs seem Rjulitin so try to make your legs appear only Mshidodtan .- Get the bronze skin " tan" , because getting bronze color makes them seem the most beautiful legs , and this makes the skin color uniform .- Razor, shaving must be done well in advance to get smooth skin so do you use multiple shaver blades and you can use the machine and when you use the electric razor you Asthami first and then rubbing your legs well and then Adehnehma the Bbulsm shaving and right cautiously hair . And Rdobehma immediately after you 're done , Note: The preferred razor once every few days.- WACS " wax" , hair removal Balwachs is the best way to get the legs to the brilliant and continue the results for a longer period of shaving because WACS clinch the hair follicles , but you moisturize your legs well with Massage light after hair removal Balwachs , this makes them Naamtin always.- Moisturizing , there are many ways to moisturize your legs, all of which have different benefits are as follows:Moisturizing cream : moisturizing your legs every day with a light massage after bathing and shaving creams containing cucumber and aloe, moisturizing or Vaseline ointment is the oil that has to be that were used for the whole body and legs in particular , even once a week because it thick and rich moisturizer and effectively.Baby oil : It is one of the best types of refreshments for easy absorption through the skin, and works to hydrate the body and give him a gloss finish .My last advice to you is perpetual motion , research has shown that hyperactivity gives always appealing stalks so Strive always to practice walking and various other exercises and a lot of use of moisturizers .Get the legs of the brilliant five steps away

7 Steps to real disinfection your beauty

7 Steps to real disinfection your beauty

Now we start ....

7 Easy Steps to show your inner beauty and enhance your confidence and beautiful _khasalk .

1. Start Hair
Whenever the size of the hair , the more it was the most beautiful and easier to styling . After washing hair nationalist drained and Use a spray capacitor to the size of the hair and then for in your hair hot Ballvaúv . After you finish a national make-up PVC rolls and stir your hair randomly and will have wavy hair and stylish and heavy . Forget Hair wrapped behind hair Blaqt !

2. Clean your eyebrows .
Make sure your eyebrows clean of excess hair and indiscriminate and arranged complements the shape of the eye . Everyone has his own paintings, eyebrows , make sure to show nicely without exaggeration in drawing the bow or the removal of a lot of hair . ( Must start from the edge of the eye brow internal and external to the edge of the eye . )

3. Protect your face .
After washing the face in the morning skin experts advise using gentle moisturizing cream restores moisture and protects the face from exposure to pollutants and dirt and reduces the appearance of wrinkles . As well as the skin experts advise using the cream, to the sun 's harmful rays If you Stkhrgen from home. You can buy the type containing a cream close to the color of your skin to get a uniform color and great protection .

4. Focus on the cheeks .
Some days you may feel tired and stress, and bio - fading color in your face , use a cream to illuminate your face on the cheek bones , under the arch of the brow to look bright .

5. Identify your eyes .

For a different view , try to use the Registry to identify eye on the bottom and the top line of the eye in the days that you feel sleepy and tired. Black color will make your eyes look more bright .

6. Zaidi, the length of the lashes .
Eyelashes is an essential complement to any beautiful view , do not neglect the use of mascara just because you do not like the color black There are different colors can be complemented makeup and increase the intensity and length of your eyelashes .

And now we finished the 7 steps I hope you benefited

Golden Tips for an ideal and attractive eyes

 Golden Tips for an ideal and attractive eyes

Golden Tips for perfect eyesAuthor : Rasha Marsafawy ,Needless to say that the eyes are the most expensive possessions , understanding and Celtic to see all the beautiful - and without it - and without them you do not have the slightest idea what it seems to the world and people around you . Since you have endowed those wonderful grace of the Almighty Creator imperative you take care of it as they should.
Here are ten tips are easy to get beautiful and healthy eyes :1 - eat vegetablesFor a strong sense of vision , more than eating leafy vegetables Kalkrenb , green , kale , spinach ..... etc. .These foods help prevent macular networking and other eye - related problems .
2 - essential vitaminsIf you are a fan of eating fruits and vegetables , make sure the intake of dietary supplements made ​​specifically for eye health , and contains vitamins A and E , C , B2 , and selenium supplements may also be helpful.
3 - Keep your eyes moistureIf you notice that your eyes are drier than usual , you should consult your doctor immediately.It is very important to always keep your eyes Rdobtan at all times.A simple saline solution to be extremely helpful in mitigating and moisturize the eye .
4 - eating fruits beneficial for the eyesBlueberries , apricots, in particular, are considered very useful for eye health . Valmhamsh rich textured carotene that enhance the look, while blue berry helps to reduce eye fatigue .
5 - omega-3 fish oilOmega-3 Oil helps in eye health and purity sight , Vahtam the add fish to your diet , and you can also use the capsules cod liver Zaid available in pharmacies .
6 - Use the option to soothe the eyeEnough to put two slices of cucumber on your eyes Amoamadtin cold for 15 minutes to get to the moderating influence of a wonderful and refreshing .
7 - teaStudies have shown that the use of tea regularly useful in the fight against cataracts.
8 - Try berriesAccording to some experts, herbs, eating berries helps in improving night vision.Try to eat the required daily quota regularly.
9 - not to be subjected to harmful raysIt is always advised to wear protective sun glasses from harmful UV rays during the day, as it contributes to raising the risk of cataracts .
10 - Rest your eyesAdvised the people who work on the computer for long hours following the 20/20/20 rule , meant to give the kind of comfort watershed every 20 minutes, consider it to something away from you a distance of 20 feet 20 seconds births .

Simple Tips to keep the beauty of a woman

Simple Tips to keep the beauty of a woman


In the summer cosmetics interact with the air temperature damaged skin if Eve in excessive use intensively during the morning and afternoon. So it is advisable to cover the face and neck skin fully moisturised layer of powder snow for children before put makeup AM .. And you will notice your skin over time restore the freshness and luster.

* If your skin many injury the kinds of allergies different Voamly to give her protection and resistance and that by massaging the skin daily before going to sleep fruit of strawberry where the material is very impressive works to protect the skin even if it was the owner of the same skin become sensitive when you eat strawberries in particular.

* To avoid the problem of hair loss, which usually infect Eve especially in the summer due to excessive exposure to the scorching sun and direct the daily recommended massage to Alfros scalp so you do not get very weak hair follicles and drought.
* If you notice a nails Balosferrar injury resulting from the frequent use of nail polish. Do Baraanha of for ten days with cleaned daily half a lemon and when you return to the use of paint make sure to leave a small space is not visible at the beginning of the nail even breathes them
* Avoid the use of lipstick am especially amid the atmosphere warm and Astbdlah the cocoa butter

Benefits and damage Super White beans about the experience

Benefits and damage Super White beans about the experience

Hello sisters
Yes it bleaching and 100% guaranteed

But the sisters must understand what this means grain
Ante brunette and Tasiri eggs ..... Definitely yes, but to varying each ravenously their own to be different from the others.
Question that there was a darkening of the skin or weightish how claimed turns into whiteness?The answer is / course Anasir the white provided if you use a delirious vehicles
Alpennekoan ... Hydroquinone ... Gulwtatheon ... kinol ... Corthokinol ... pitadin ... Fade Out .... Alduquen Fort
And best and fastest is the first 3 vehicles
The products that combine these three compounds is an American product is excellent and safe, according to medical studies of the product and I use him
It is a pill used twice a day, morning and night for three monthsFamous name when people bleach pills Super WhiteThe scientific name: super whiteAmerican-made Haritha from Beirut, LebanonAnd then I met her in the Arab Company for Leathers in RiyadhAnsdmt because I if administrative Matabt the myself and Atbhzlt and students from LebanonAnd these are the exact imageImportant ÎáćäÇ in Tercept delirious needles
Benefits and damage Super White pills experience
They contain hydroquinone 4%, according to usp pharmacy constitution AlamarkiWHDH article remove skin pigmentationWhich you can use to remove Browning dark places in the body and safelyButAdvisable when used not prolonged exposure to the sun or cover the sun-exposed sites such as the face
It is wonderful to lighten the sensitive area
When using bleach pills Super White is required not to use any creams containing KrtozonAnd must not be subjected to the sun because it will lead to a large Browning in the skin and that I had to go out Use a good sun visor
Recommended to use the cream for Ad ravenouslyBest creams and Akatraa the safer but slower effect

For the sisters, who claimed the use grain etc. Ahzaw have a quick changeMaybe Ante brunette WHDH usually skinYou leave the use of Super White pills after two weeks of use in case of non-appearance of the resultsUse Ad cream for the treatment of poor responseThen completed a program pills Super WhiteIf you receive good results after two months Leave Super White beans and Udi after two months that needed to be used once Also your skin as if they are not up to the degree of whiteness that Ttmahan
This topic Cereal Super White Whitening effect Diem on the body and on the sensitive area between the thighsThe sun-exposed areas less effect in the case of non-use and sun visor
UseTWO daily morning after breakfast with love Vaeetman the C c and love in the evening after dinner without a Vaeetman for three months
Important AlertWhen you use any period of use cream grain you should take into account that the Quran does not contradict with Algulwtatheon materialAny experimental Karim put Shui in anywhere in Jmsk, for a period of 24 hours, even this simple redness Event important Miasir the natural you have a large delicateWHDH rare sensitivity and be at some skins
I creams Asaml with Super White pills and caused me anything
Important question you use peeled or not?If the skin tend to be darkening Fastkhaddma Almakecrat and these brief on some Almakecrat(Almakecrat)Rattan is a good peeled but powerful you Ahdr when used especially on the faceBaby office peeled strong and should not be used with Alrtin a in the same mixture
Amount must be peeled always small and half the amount of any cream were used
The Lada Conti suffer from grain, scratches or any cause itchingInsect .. Scratch .. Use of sweetness .. or suffer from acne in your face your chest or backYou using Phusidan to Fcidin or common AssadThe grain will be gone in 3 daysJust put it on the pill twice a day

VaselineglisolidAre good for smoothing and moisturizing
Apple cider vinegarVicksHave whitening properties but largely ineffective, but unsafe metal creams because it may cause leprosy

Working method:Work the HQ and its derivatives in varying proportions to stop and balancing the production of melanin (melanine) material located within the skin and is responsible for giving the brown color of the skin, by the arrest of the action of the enzyme tyrosinase.
Stages of change Complexion period of use:In the first weeks of use seem to score with some slow any positive results that have already shone skin color and started to become smooth skin color and open ...

ButThe big difference and transformation of white ravenouslyThe real appearance whiteness begins to use the fourth week after almostWhich means that the grain used for Super White Whitening Do not rush the results of the first week.Continue to use lead gradually to raise the level of whiteness and softness of the skin ....
Note:May read on the cover of some skin whitening products because they contain the allatoine as a protective material from the sun ... But it's really nothing more than material hydrating the skin and mildly .... Devoid of any property protection!
We must draw attention to the fact that melanin secreted genes under the control of a private ... These genes are active when people and weaken when peopleThis causes skins react differently to cosmetic bleaching ...

Five magical mixtures for skin bleaching

Five magical mixtures for skin bleaching

Prepare mixtures home skin whitening is not a difficult task, as it can be prepared easily because most of the components present in your hands in the kitchen, so you set of
Five magical mixtures for skin bleaching
Five magical mixtures for skin bleachingIngredients:3 tablespoons rose water, a tablespoon of starch cups water
How to prepare:Mix all the ingredients earlier and then put them in a pot on the fire and then a national move the mix a little bit and then leave it to cool, then put the mixture on your face for 15 minutes and then the national Rinse your face with lukewarm water, attendance on this mix you'll notice the difference in degrees of skin color.
Five magical mixtures for skin bleachingIngredients:Equal amounts of fenugreek oil and castor oil
How to prepare:
Mix the fenugreek oil and castor oil together then Put Mzejehma in the bottle, as you Stqoma rinsing the mix of oil a day, morning and night on your skin.
Five magical mixtures for skin bleachingIngredients:• teaspoon of flour• teaspoon of milk• lemon• an appropriate amount of rose water
How to prepare:Mix the flour, milk and lemon mixing well and then Apply the mixture on the skin for 15 minutes and then from then wash your face with lukewarm water, and wipe your face with rose water later.
Five magical mixtures for skin bleachingIngredients:• Two tablespoons of ground oats• tablespoon milk• lemon juice• two tablespoons of honey
How to prepare:Previous Mix the ingredients together and then put them on your skin to dry out the skin and then wash your face with lukewarm water.
Five magical mixtures for skin bleachingIngredients:Half cup sugar two tablespoons of instant yeast, olive oil lemon juice
How to prepare:Previous Mix ingredients well until it becomes a thick strong, then put them on your skin, but before you put them on your skin Belli your face with lukewarm water.

How can I increase the intensity and lengthen hair? Followers with me

How can I increase the intensity and lengthen hair? Followers with me

All of us ask say?? Please, I want something fast-acting and natural Vochta suffer from mild hair at the beginning of the head and you want that long have experimented with olive oil and other oils did not find any benefit in.

Excellent recipe to intensify and lengthen hair ... Tried

Thing for taking TWO or 3 beads garlic.

Tahnhm and then Tkhaltha with olive oil.

Put it on the fire until it changes color Altovernm Xue.

After giving up two day until Atnqa the of oil in Althomh.

Grease omitted scalp day of the week.

Baden God dandruff and hair loss suggested diminished gradually.

I Bstaml the recipe this topic and roamed the result and Bstaml Amaaha shampoo named Top Crane exist in Chidliaaat Rhiyib this shampoo top krin.
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